Termite Control in Cyprus

Our professional pest control company undertakes the elimination of various pests including termites.

Termites are small insects with or without wings that feed on cellulose and can create large nests or colonies. Termites in Cyprus are usually found feeding on dry or humid wood as well as underground. They come into the house through cracks or dampness and can cause extensive damage to a structure without being detected until significant damage has already occurred.

With years of experience and success in addressing termite problems in Cyprus, we can help you get rid of these small but harmful pests in no time. Contact us today to get started on eliminating termites from your property.

Termite Control in Cyprus by Experienced Professionals

Offering our customers the most suitable pest control treatment for their problem is what makes us stand out. We assess the termite problem of each customer and choose personalized solutions to make sure this is what they need.

You can trust us to protect your property from termites and other pests like ants and cockroaches.

termite control in cyprus

Termite Treatment and Control

Upon assessment of the termite problem, our experienced team will discuss treatment options with you to treat an existing termite infestation or prevent future termite infestations.

Of course, as prevention is the best treatment, we suggest you take care of your building and especially the wooden elements in your property to ensure their longevity.

termite control in cyprus