How to Prevent Bugs from Infesting your Home After Travelling 

how to prevent bugs from infesting your home after travelling

When travelling there is a very high percentage that you might contract bed bugs in your hotel room. This can cause many problems and you might be unfortunate to bring bugs inside your home. Here you can learn about a few steps to prevent bugs from infesting your home after travelling.

The first thing is to check for any bed bugs in your hotel room as soon as you arrive there. There are some signs that indicate the existence of pests and bedbugs in your hotel room.  The first one is rust-coloured or red stains on the mattress or brown dots. These can either be dropping or eggs from the bugs. Moreover, any dark spots and a sweet musty smell are also indicators that there are bed bugs in the hotel room.

If any of the above signs are visible, then it’s wise to ask for a different room at your hotel. Do not stay in that hotel room when there are signs of pests because there will be a huge chance that you will transfer those bugs back home with you.  

Even if you check your hotel room and there aren’t any signs it is also a huge chance that you can catch pests from other locations, like public transport, the airport, nature, and other places. You can follow the instructions below and make sure that you will not carry a bug back home from your trip anyway.

The first thing you will have to do is to wash all your clothes right after your trip with hot water. This will kill any bugs that might be stuck on your clothes. After that, you will need to make sure to dry all your clothes in the dryer at the highest temperature. Other than clothes, your luggage can also carry bugs and pests but also dirt and dust that it’s important to clean. A vacuum is always the easiest way to clean luggage and bags. If you took with you on the trip any other belongings then you should also insect those for bugs before bringing them into your home.

These are just a few necessary steps to ensure that your home will not be infected by bugs and pests after your trip away. Make sure to get in contact with Pest Control in Cyprus and learn more information about our services.