Dust Mite and Bed Bug Control in Cyprus

Dust mites and bed bugs are tiny living organisms that are invisible to the eye, making it difficult for humans to detect their presence. This is why professional dust mite and bed bug control in Cyprus is essential. Scheduling the elimination of such pests even if you cannot see them is crucial to staying ahead of them and maintaining a healthy home environment.

  • Dust mites feed on the dead skin cells that are shed by people and pets and are mostly found on carpets, mattresses, pillows or blankets.
  • Bed bugs are mostly found in bedding, furniture, and other upholstered items and feed on human blood. Their bites can cause itchy, red bites on the skin that lead to discomfort and distress.

Don’t Let Pests Take Over Your Home

Dust Mite and Bed Bug Control in Cyprus and Treatment

We offer dust mite and bed bug extermination through advanced steamer technologies and other state-of-the-art equipment. Make sure to book an appointment with our qualified professionals and get rid of the dust mites and bed bugs in your house.

There are, of course, some ways to reduce the likelihood of infestation:

  • Wash pillows and bedsheets properly
  • Reduce humidity levels
  • Clean bedding frequently
  • Vacuum regularly
dust mite and bed bug control in cyprus