Pest Control in Cyprus

Pest control is an important part of maintaining a healthy property. In Cyprus, there are a number of common pests that can cause problems. While most pests are more nuisances than serious threats, they can still spread diseases and can cause building damage. Fortunately, there are a number of effective pest control methods in Cyprus.

Our company Pest Control in Cyprus specializes in pest control management all over Cyprus. No matter how tough the pest problem is we are here to exterminate all kinds of pests and insects and provide a safe and clean place for you. Health and safety are the key elements that we take into consideration to provide you with pest-free property. We use the most advanced technology available and our professional experience allows us to be more than confident that we can deal with all kinds of pests and insects.

Learn more information about the dangers of pests in Cyprus and how pest control in Cyprus can help.

highly trained personnel

Highly Trained Personnel

Our team of pest control professionals is here to guarantee that you will get a pest-free property in no time.

eco friendly products

Eco-Friendly Products

We make sure to choose our products conscientiously and we give great attention to our environment and atmosphere.

immediate results

Immediate Results

You are expected to see a noticeable reduction in pest occurrence almost immediately.

attention to detail

Attention to Detail

With our high attention to detail, we are here to exterminate all kinds of pests.

Our Services

Type of Property

What is Included

1 bedroom apartment
  • Spraying all sinks
  • Spraying around the apartment (under the bed, the couches etc.)
  • Applying cockroach gel in the kitchen cabinets
2 or 3 bedroom apartment
  • Spraying all sinks
  • Spraying around the apartment (under the beds, the couches etc.)
  • Applying cockroach gel in the kitchen cabinets
Apartment building
  • Spraying all common areas (entrance, staircase etc.)
  • Spraying around the building and the car park
  • Spraying the drains
Entire house
  • Spraying all sinks
  • Applying cockroach gel in the kitchen cabinets
  • Spraying the drains

Contact us now to find out more about what is included in our services and get a quote for the cockroach pest control and other services you need.

We Deal With:

Get a Cleaner and Safer Property with Pest Control in Cyprus.

What We Do

At Pest Control Cyprus we use plenty of different methods that can be used for pest control in Cyprus. In order to choose the most effective method of pest control, we need to identify the specific pest species and amount of them that are present in your space, and we need to assess the area. We will then come up with a plan and decide on the most appropriate course of action. Our highly experienced team will work diligently to get rid of the pests in your property.

Monthly Service Plans

Our monthly pest control services in Cyprus maintain the highest standards for keeping your property clean and safe. We offer many different services that cover the needs of everyone. We are here to ensure that your property is pest-free and will remain this way in the future.

We Operate All Over Cyprus

  • Residential Properties
  • Hotels
  • Commercial Buildings
  • Farms
  • Factories
We Exterminate:
cockroach control
mouse and rat control
mosquito control
ant control
pigeon control
bedbug control
wasp control
snake control
beetle control
scorpion control
silverfish control
flea control
tick control
spider control
moth control
mite control
millipede control



We had a serious mouse problem that we couldn’t seem to get rid of no matter what we did. I called Pest Control in Cyprus and they were able to identify the problem and get rid of the mice quickly. I’m so grateful that I found them! Thank you.


Pest Control in Cyprus has been taking care of my cockroach problem and I couldn’t be happier. They’re reliable, efficient, and most importantly, they get the job done. I would highly recommend their cockroach pest control services to anyone.


I was starting to get really worried about the ants in my kitchen, but the experts at Pest Control in Cyprus took care of them quickly. I’m very impressed! My house is finally pest-free and clean.


I decided to get Pest Control in Cyprus, after having an ant problem. They did a great job getting rid of my ant problem. I’ve tried other companies in the past, but no one has been able to get rid of them as quickly or effectively as you. I would definitely recommend your services to everyone.


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The Connection Between Climate Change and Pest Control in Cyprus

The island of Cyprus, along with every corner of the earth, has experienced noticeable shifts about the climate change. Rising temperatures and changing weather conditions that are becoming increasingly apparent. The environmental changes impact the pest population dynamics that is becoming a huge problem for my home a business owner on the island, in this blog post, you can learn more information about the connection between climate change and pest control in Cyprus.

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Ensuring a Pest-Free Home: The Importance of Regular Pest Inspections for Cyprus Property Owners

Owning a house or apartment in Cyprus comes with its own set of challenges one of which is the constant threat of infections. For example, many times there are ants, cockroaches and rodents that can infect a property especially if it’s an old one. Regular pest inspections are a must when it comes to having a healthy home and living in a safe and pest-free environment.


How to deal with rodents?

Mice and rats need to be dealt immediately by pest control specialists, using the appropriate baits, traps and repellents that keep rodents away.

How to deal with insects?

Depending on the type of insects, the method, and the appropriate use of materials for home disinfection are determined. Some indicative pest control procedures are those with spraying and the use of gels.

Why shouldn't I do pest control on my own?

You need to have the appropriate equipment and materials, as not everything is suitable for all surfaces. Additionally, pest control is a difficult and time-consuming process. It is always best that the experts step in and get the job done.

How should pest control be done in businesses?

The right pest control process of a professional space is normally done by spraying with approved materials.

What are the prices for pest control?

Prices can vary depending on the place and the extent of the problem. On average, pest control for an apartment costs €50-60, whilst pest control for a house costs €100-150. Steam cleaning averagely costs €20-70. However, as mentioned above prices can vary, and each case needs to be assessed by our team of professionals in order to give you an accurate quote.

Do you undertake the pest control of entire residential buildings?

Of course. We spray all the common areas of an apartment building, with prices starting at €70-80, and each apartment for €20-25. That is, the price for spraying an apartment is more cost-effective if we undertake all the apartments of a building.

Is pest control safe?

The products we use are all certified and absolutely safe for humans and pets. Our pest control professionals will give you precise instructions on what you need to pay attention to, for your safety. It is possible that the disinfected space needs to remain sealed for a few hours, depending on the case.

How long does a pest control treatment take to be effective?

It depends on various factors, such as the type of pest, the severity of the case, and the pest control method used. Some pests might be eliminated instantly, while other may require multiple treatments over a specific time period.

Can regular cleaning and hygiene practices prevent pests?

Such practices can help prevent pests. Proper sanitation, immediate removal of food waste and regular cleaning can make your space less attractive to pests. However, please note that even with good hygiene, pests can still enter.